How do I buy kamas using Ogrines?

Reminder: You can only obtain kamas if you have non-linked Ogrines

First of all, go to the Kama and Ogrines Exchange (KOE). There are a couple of ways to do that.

  • By visiting the website
  • From the game itself, by clicking on the Browser / Ogrines button in your menu bar

If you access the KOE via the website, you will first have to select the server your character plays on. (Up until the moment when you make your purchase, you can change this using the drop-down list displayed under your username.)

When you are on the KOE, you can obtain kamas in three different ways:

  1.      By selecting a predefined amount using the drop-down menu. Enter the number of kamas you want in the appropriate field of the drop-down menu and you will automatically be directed to the confirmation stage. Then you'll just need to confirm your choice to buy the kamas.
  2.      By choosing a specific offer You will be directed to a page where you can choose how many kamas you'd like to buy or how many Ogrines you'd like to spend. Once you accept, you will be taken to the confirmation and validation steps.
  3.      By creating an Ogrines sale offer If none of the offers are quite what you need, you can click on "Create an offer". You can then offer however many Ogrines you want at the exchange rate of your choice!


Please note that no matter which method you use, once your exchange is validated, you have to click on the green "Transfer in game" button in the right-hand menu in order for your kamas to be accessible in the game. You can only send your kamas to the server you selected at the time of purchase.

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