[DOFUS] Restore a character


"I'd like to play my character again, but they were deleted"


You can use the character restoration service to recover your deleted characters.

To do so, visit the in-game Shop. You'll see a list of deleted characters that you can restore.


Be aware of certain conditions and restrictions:

  • If you've reached the maximum number of characters allowed on this account, you must
    • either delete a character before restoring one
    • or add another character slot. This service is payable with Ogrines and can be used in the same transaction.
  • A character can be restored no sooner than the day after it was deleted.
  • Only deleted characters whose level or profession level is higher than 20 can be restored.
  • If a restored character's name is no longer available, the user will be entitled to a free name change.
  • The restored character will appear on the original account. It won't be possible to restore the character on another account.
  • The character needs to have been deleted after February 15, 2011 in order to be fully restored.


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