Choosing a Character or Guild Name, or an Alliance Name or Tag

The name of your character or guild, and your alliance name and tag (only for DOFUS and DOFUS Touch) can be seen by other players. 


Like Huppermages, those masters of elemental runes, we too must uphold the Krosmic balance by ensuring an equilibrium in the game.

Consequently, it is impossible to choose: 

  • a name/tag already in use, or
  • a name/tag that does not comply with our various restrictions.

Thus, for your name or tag to be accepted, it must meet the following criteria: 

  • The number of characters that can be used: 
    • DOFUS: 2-20 for characters, 3-30 for guilds and alliances, and 3-5 for alliance tags.
    • WAKFU: 3-25 for characters, and 5-30 for guilds.
  • For character names only: 
    • 2 consecutive identical letters at most;
    • no capital letters after the first character;
    • No special characters (no numbers, etc.) in DOFUS and DOFUS Touch, and a maximum of 3 in WAKFU;
    • only hyphens (2 at most) are allowed, but not at the start or end of the name; and
    • no spaces.

In addition, names identified as being "non-compliant"  will be blocked.

Your name or tag must also comply with the following rules to avoid sanctions. It must:

  • be pronounceable (for example, ssdfzxjf is unpronounceable);
  • not refer to a political orientation, ethnic group, or community;
  • not be vulgar or insulting;
  • not contain either the user's first or last name;
  • not imitate the names of major components of Ankama's creations (non-player characters, heroes of the story, iconic places, dungeon bosses, etc.); and
  • not resemble or imitate the name of a moderator or an employee of the Ankama company.

"I transferred my character to another server, and I wasn't able to keep my character's name."  

It isn't possible to have two identical character names on the same server. Unfortunately, your character's name must have already been taken by another character on your destination server.

Please choose a different name for your character.


"The name isn't listed in the directory but is already in use. Can I ask Support to release the name?"

After 6 months of inactivity, character names no longer appear in the directory.

However, players often come back to DOFUS after a pause. Thus, the owner of the character that has the nickname you want to use could start playing again and it would be normal for them to find their character unchanged.

Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to change their character's name to make room for yours.


"My character's name shows up as 'Invalid'. Why?" 

The name you chose probably does not comply with the name creation rules. Please choose a different name for your character.


"I noticed that another player is using a non-compliant character name. What should I do?" 

You can report it to the Support team as non-compliant behavior. Find out more


"I drank my name change potion, but now I don't want to change names anymore." 

Choose the same nickname as the one you wanted to replace. The Potion will be returned to your character's inventory.


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