Why was my transaction refused?

There are several reasons why a transaction may be declined and/or flagged as fraudulent by our services:

  • Paying with a bank card:
  • Other payment methods:
      • You used a payment method without the authorisation of the owner or the banking establishment.
      • We detected serious incoherencies in the payment information and/or your purchasing habits. We've judged that there is a reasonable probability that the payment is invalid and have refused the transaction.

As a reminder, to use a specific payment method, you must be the owner of it or have the explicit consent of the owner. The illicit usage of a payment method is fraud and can be punished by up to 5 years imprisonment and a €350,000 fine. 

Ankama takes fraudulent payment attempts very seriously. Always vigilant against fraud and identity theft, we reserve the right to go beyond a definitive ban and engage in legal action against defrauders.

We remind you also that sharing, purchasing, selling, borrowing, loaning, or gifting an Ankama account is strictly forbidden by our Terms of Service. These bad practices are the source of numerous problems for our players; avoid them by respecting the rules.

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