Paying via Credit Card

How to pay by credit card

You must have your own credit card. A friend or relative can, exceptionally, subscribe for you, but on the condition that you are together to make the payment. It is forbidden by law and by our terms of use to use a credit card without its owner's permission.

Fraudulent payments are automatically found and the concerned accounts systematically sanctioned.


I can't access the "credit card" payment option. Why not?

There are several possible reasons.

  • You've just created an Ankama account or you've just started playing DOFUS. You must have a bit more playtime under your belt before you can use that payment method. Continue to play and try again in 48 hours.
  • You are in a country for which the credit card payment option is not offered. If this is the case, please choose another payment option.
  • Your Ankama account has geographic inconsistencies (connections or payments from multiple different countries). As a security measure, the credit card payment option is not available for your account. Please choose another payment method or contact Support to clarify your situation. 
  • One of your previous payments was contested and cancelled by you or the owner of the credit card used. Access to your account has also been suspended. Please contact Support to resolve the situation.


3D Secure System


3D Secure is a secure online payment authentification system which allows for reinforced security whenever you make purchases on the Internet: after validating your payment information on Ankama's payment page, the 3D Secure system will redirect you to your bank's authentication site, recognisable by one of the following logos:

You will then be asked to answer a question which only you know the response to, proving that you are indeed the owner of the credit card.

Depending on the procedure chosen by your bank and the information you've provided, you may be asked to:

  • Enter a code recieved by SMS
  • Answer a personal question
  • Enter a password

Please note that this information will not have anything to do with your Ankama account.

For any questions about your 3D Secure code (getting codes, lost codes, changing codes...) and the authentification procedure, please consult your bank directly.

This information is strictly confidential, and only your bank can assist you.

Should you have persistent difficulties with the new system, please remember that we have placed several other payment options at your disposal as well (Paysafecard, Audiotel, Mobile...) and that our Support team is always ready and willing to help!


I paid by credit card and I encountered a problem

In rare cases, players might have problems with their credit card.

  • This might happen if your bank account has been debited multiple times for a single subscription, in which case we'll need to find all the payments you indicate. 

    Please prepare a list of all the relevant debits (date and amount) and contact Support. Don't forget to indicate which subscriptions you'd like to keep.
  • If your bank account has been debited but your subscription hasn't been validated, please take the time to check the status of the transaction, listed in your account management interface. Please also check your e-mail inbox and spam folders for the subscription confirmation message.

If your problem persists, or you encounter another issue with your credit card, you can contact Support by clicking "Submit a request". 

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