Paying via Credit Card


Is your bank in the European Economic Area? 

A new European directive (PSD2) is now in effect for all payments made with a credit or debit card issued within the EEA (European Economic Area): your payments have been made more secure through the introduction of an additional step called 3DS2.

1 – Choose payment by bank card (or saved card)
2 – After entering your card numbers, click "Send"
3 – Your bank will ask you to connect to your banking application to authenticate your payment. Download the application if necessary.
4 – Follow the steps indicated by your bank to authenticate the payment, then allow your browser to redirect the page until your order has been confirmed.


If you're having issues with 3DS2:

  • Before making another attempt, find the section in your banking app that lets you approve payments.
  • The next time you purchase something with a card, uncheck the option "Save payment information".
  • Contact your bank.
  • Temporarily use a different payment method:
    • PayPal (not compatible with ogrines)
    • Prepaid Paysafecard (points of sale)
    • Etc


I cannot use the bank card payment method. Why?

Before purchasing, what are the requirements for paying by bank card?

What are the requirements for finalizing payment? 

Why was my transaction rejected?

I was charged but I didn't receive my purchases.

I was charged more than once.


I cannot use the bank card payment method. Why?

There are several possible reasons.

  • You just created your Ankama account or just started playing. You must have greater game time to use this payment method. Keep playing and try to purchase a subscription again in 48 hours. 
  • You are in a country where the "bank card" payment method is not offered. Is so, please choose another payment method.
  • Your Ankama account shows inconsistencies related to location (logins or payments from several different countries). As a security precaution, the "bank card" payment method is not available for your account. Please choose another payment method. 
  • One of your previous payments was disputed and canceled. Please contact Support to review your situation if that is the case.


Before purchasing, what are the requirements for paying by bank card?

  • Be familiar with your bank's payment authentication system (3DS):
    -> Download and set up your bank application so that it can be used to authenticate your online payments.
  • You must be the payment method holder. A parent or friend may purchase a subscription for you, but only if you are together to make the payment. Using a bank card without its owner's permission is against the law and a violation of our Terms of Use.
    Note: To combat fraud, fraudulent payments are systematically identified and the accounts in question are sanctioned.
  • Ensure that the account which will be charged has sufficient available funds and that the card being used has not been blocked.
  • Ensure that the billing information associated with your Ankama account is correctly filled out and matches the information associated with the bank card.
    -> [Update my billing address!


What are the requirements for finalizing payment? 

After validating your bank information on the Ankama payment page, you will be asked to use an enhanced authentication system by your bank (3DS) to provide greater security during the payment phase and more actively combat attempted fraud.

For most banks, this system requires you to download the bank's mobile application.

This makes it possible to combine two independent authentication factors:

  • information the customer knows (password, secret question, secret code, etc.),
  • something belonging to the customer (cell phone, connected device, token, smart card, etc.),
  • or something that distinguishes you (fingerprint, facial or voice recognition, iris recognition, etc.).

Following a new European directive (PSD2), from 03/31/2021, this security system will be enhanced (3DS2) by your bank for any order placed using a bank card within the European Economic Area (EEA).


For any questions about the authentication system when purchasing, please contact your bank. This data is strictly confidential and only your bank can advise you.

If you keep encountering problems, please remember that we offer other payment methods (PayPal, Allopass, etc.) and our Support team is available to assist you! 


Why was my transaction rejected?

There are several reasons a transaction may be rejected and/or seen as fraudulent by our services:

  • Your transaction has been declined by your bank: insufficient funds, expired bank card, or failed enhanced 3DS authentication.
    (In this case, refer to the following sections: "What are the requirements before purchasing / when finalizing payment?").
  • You used a payment method without permission from the owner or bank.
  • We detected too many inconsistencies in the payment information and/or your purchasing behavior. We felt there was a reasonable likelihood that it was an invalid payment, and we rejected the transaction.

As a reminder, to use a payment method, you must be its owner or get explicit consent from its owner. The illicit use of a payment method constitutes fraud and may be punished with up to five years' imprisonment and a €350,000 fine. 

Ankama takes attempted fraudulent payments very seriously. Because we are committed to combating fraud and identity theft, we reserve the right to go well beyond permanently banning Ankama accounts and to institute legal proceedings against fraudsters.

We also remind you that sharing, buying, selling, lending, and gifting Ankama accounts are strictly forbidden by our Terms of Use. Such bad practices cause many problems for our players, so avoid them by following the rules.


I was charged but I didn't receive my purchases.

If your bank account was charged but your subscription wasn't validated, take a moment to check the transaction status in your account management section. You can also check your email inbox for the subscription validation email.

If the issue continues, please contact Support.


I was charged more than once.

If your bank account was charged more than once for a single purchase, we must identify all the payments. 

Prepare a list of each time you were charged (date and amount) and contact Support. Also, remember to tell us which purchases you want to keep.



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