The Various Types of Sanctions

A sanction may be applied directly by Ankama or as a result of the action of a moderator in the game or on the forum.

In the game, moderators have two courses of action to limit the ability of offending accounts to cause harm, pending Ankama's intervention:

• Mute: The targeted character can no longer send messages in the game.
• Kick: The targeted character is expelled from the game until Ankama applies the appropriate sanction.


Generally, a warning is received before a sanction. This is given to the player to inform them of the rule they have broken and to warn them that they're in danger of receiving a sanction.

It is sent:
• Via Ankabox for offenses identified on the forum.
• Via email or directly in the game for offenses committed in the game.

The warning does not expire and is automatically considered to have been read and understood by the player.


When Ankama intervenes on the offending accounts, a suspension may be applied. Its duration depends on several criteria, but mainly on the severity the offense committed and any repeat offenses.

Multiple offenses will result in a permanent ban. However, some automatically result in a permanent ban. In this case, the player can no longer access their account.

Dofus_Logo.pngKama Debt

A new sanction related to the illegal trafficking of kamas has been introduced in the game DOFUS. This does not result in a ban on the account but applies a kama debt.

We apply a kama debt on accounts that have collected them illegally (outside the KE). Inventory and Haven Bag chest kamas are transferred to the bank and frozen until the debt is repaid.

The negative kamas displayed at the bank represent the remaining debt to be repaid.

A sum of 200,000 kamas is nonetheless kept in the character's inventory to give the player the ability to perform certain in-game actions that will allow them to repay their debt.

Restrictions apply to the account until its debt is repaid, only on the server where the debt is applied. The following actions are blocked.

• Regarding trade:

  • Giving kamas and items through an exchange.
  • Giving kamas as a customer of cooperative crafting.
  • Offering items as a crafter of cooperative crafting.
  • Throwing items on the ground and in the trash.

• Regarding the bank:

Withdrawing kamas.

Depositing items.

• Regarding the Haven Bag:

  •  Withdrawing and depositing kamas.
  • Depositing items.

• Regarding house chests:

  • Depositing items in a house chest (their own or someone else's).

• Regarding Marketplaces:

  • Buying items.

• Regarding merchant modes:

  • Switching to merchant mode.
  • Buying from other merchant modes.

• Regarding paddocks and stables:

  • Placing a mount in a private paddock.

• Regarding prisms:

  • Adding modules.

• Regarding shop services:

  • Selling kamas on the KE.
  • Buying an account-to-account transfer.
  • Buying a server transfer.
  • If a server transfer has been bought but a debt is applied between when it is bought and the maintenance, the transfer will be delayed.
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