How does One-Click payment work?

One-Click payment is a fast, secure way to pay with a registered bank card for your purchases in the online shop and the in-game shop.

When you choose to pay using a bank card in our online shop, we offer to let you save the payment information you enter. That's how you activate the One-Click payment service on your Ankama Account!


How do you save your bank card?

To save a bank card, select this option before completing a payment with the card. If the payment fails, the card will not be saved.

If you select this option, you won't need to enter the information again the next time you make a purchase.



Saving a bank card always involves 3D Secure authentication, a security procedure for European cards required by the PSD2 directive. This step is requested and managed by the bank, and it usually requires you to have your bank's official app on your smartphone.

Once your card is saved, you'll get a confirmation email about it.

If you experience issues with authentication, it's better to deselect this option so the payment will go through.

Security notice: Your card is stored on our payment providers' secure servers, in compliance with PCI DSS standards.


How does it work once the bank card is saved?

The card will appear in the payment methods available for your next purchases.

For security reasons, you will always be asked for the card's CVV whenever you try to use your saved bank card. This is the 3-digit (occasionally 4-digit) code found on the back of your card. (Not to be confused with the PIN code you would enter on a POS keypad.)
A reminder that this CVV code should never be shared with anyone.

Your bank may also request the One-Click payment to be authenticated with 3D Secure.


Security notice: For security reasons, we automatically delete any saved card for which a One-Click payment is denied.


Can you save more than one bank card on your Ankama account?

Yes, you can link multiple bank cards to your account. If you do, you'll choose which one you want to use when making a purchase.


I saved my card; why can't I use One-Click?

We recommend adding a phone number in your account management interface before you try saving a bank card again.
If your card still doesn't appear for One-Click even after being properly saved (i.e. you received a confirmation email), either the card isn't compatible with One-Click or this feature is disabled for the country associated with your account.

For persistent issues with a payment by credit card or One-Click, please contact Support, and in the meantime, use the other payment methods available to you.


Is this operation permanent?

The One-Click payment service is valid until the bank card expires or is deleted, either by the player in the Manage Account section or by Ankama (in case of a problem).


How do you remove your payment information?

If, for any reason, you would like to delete your bank card details, you can do so easily from your Manage Account section. All you have to do is click Delete on the bank card(s) you want to remove. It only takes a few seconds… even for a Iop.






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