Paying with Allopass Audiotel (outside of France) or via text message

What you should know

An Audiotel code or text message costs €3. The code will be valid for 48 hours, but you are strongly encouraged to use it right away to avoid losing it.

Please follow these few essential rules: 

  • Buying, selling, or trading codes in the game or through websites is forbidden and subject to penalties, in accordance with our Terms of Use.
  • The phone number to call is refreshed each time, so don't use a phone number you have stored.
  • Write down the codes you receive through your phone. Support will be unable to lend assistance if you can't provide these codes.
  • Use your own phone when receiving codes. If you do use someone else's phone, you must have permission from the owner.

Why am I receiving the error "Invalid code" or "Incorrect code"?

There are several possible reasons:

  • The code you entered isn't in the proper format. It may be missing characters, or you may have entered too many. Double-check the codes you received on your phone.
  • If you bought the code in the game or online, most likely the seller already used the code before selling it to you. Once again, buying, selling, or trading codes in-game or online is forbidden.
  • Your login session was interrupted, and your codes are considered already used. If this is the case, please submit a Support request that includes all the codes you entered (valid or not).
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