Paying via Paypal

How do I pay by Paypal?

To pay by Paypal, you need to have your own Paypal account. A friend or relative can, exceptionally, subscribe for you, but on the condition that you are together to make the payment. It is forbidden by law and by our game rules to use a Paypal account without its owner's permission. 

I can't access the "Paypal" payment option. Why not?

There are several possible reasons.

  • You've just created an Ankama account or you've just started playing DOFUS. If that's the case, please continue playing and try to subscribe again in 48 hours.
  • You are in a country for which the "Paypal" payment option is not offered. If this is the case, please choose another payment option. 
  • Your Ankama account has geographic inconsistencies (connections or payments from multiple different countries). As a security measure to limit fraud, the "Paypal" payment option is not available for your account. Please choose another payment method or contact Support to clarify your situation. 
  • One of your previous payments was contested and cancelled by you or the owner of the Paypal account used. Access to your account has also been suspended. Please contact Support to resolve the situation.
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