[WAKFU] Single-account server: OGREST

Single-account mode solely consists of players controlling one account and one character at a time. 

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test wakfu1.png Single-account server: OGREST!   



Access to the WAKFU single-account server and information

→ When is preregistration?

Preregistration will be open between October 5 (5 p.m.) and October 24 (11:59 p.m.), Paris time.

You will need to specify your character's sex, class and nickname.

Important information regarding your adventure when the servers open:

  • You can freely change your class until level 30 by visiting the NPC Hooly in the Northwest of the Celestial Island of Rii.
  • Your character's sex can be (re)defined when customizing in-game.

Preregistered characters receive two Regeneration Potions (this potion restores all your HP at the start and end of fights) when the server opens.


 *When can I access WAKFU's single-account server? 

The Ogrest server will become available in 2 phases

- Early access 48h before official opening

- Access for everyone on the official opening day


How can I get early access to the single-account servers? 

You can start your adventure on October 31, 2023, which is two days before the official opening. The early access pass is included when you buy at least one of the these three packs: 

- The Hero Pack

- The Elite Pack

- The Legendary Pack

Please note, the Adventurer Pack does not include early access to the single-account servers.

The servers will be available to everyone on November 2, 2023.


→ Can I recruit in-game sidekicks to help me during my adventure?

Acquiring sidekicks is not possible.  Quests don't offer them, the interface is not available, and you can't acquire the "sidekick" item in gifts from the shop.


→ Is there an experience bonus for leveling up faster in the game?

Earning basic experience is identical across the five servers.
However, as mentioned previously, you can increase the experience you earn by 100% with a booster (on the single-account server)!


Single-account server special restrictions


→ What restrictions are there for this game mode?

The server can only be accessed by players who have:

  • A certified account
  • A valid phone number
  • A valid email address
  • A protected account with two-factor authentication by email or application.


→ Can I player with a family member or friend from the same IP address?

Two accounts can log in from the same IP address but only if: 

  • The two accounts have a verified address
  • The two accounts have different and verified email addresses
  • The two accounts have a different phone number
  • The two accounts are used on different devices


Gifts, shop and purchases

→ Can I collect the gifts for all the pre-registration tiers on classic servers?

No, that won't be an option; you can only receive these gifts on single-account servers. 

→ Do I need a Booster to join the single-account server?

The server can be accessed as soon as the three prerequisites have been met.
The Booster is common to all game servers and grants certain benefits:


How many character slots can I have?

When accounts are created, they have 5 character slots per server.

Additional character slots can be purchased to increase this limit, up to 18.

If you have made previous purchases, they will be preserved: An account that has purchased 2 slots before the server opens will have 7 slots when the server opens.


→ When aspects are shared between the classic and single-account server?

The following are linked to the account and shared between the Pandora, Rubilax and Ogrest servers:

  • Number of character slots (except slots created by mergers)
  • Number of Haven Bag chest slots
  • Number of pages for Abilities, spells and equipment

The following are linked to the server: 

  • Cosmetics
  • Titles
  • Emotes
  • Profession levels
  • Progress
  • Kamas, items, etc.

For example, if you retrieve a cosmetic from Ogrest FR1, you won't be able to have it from the Ogrest FR 2 server, unless the servers merge.


→ What about items acquired from the shop before the start of preregistration for the WAKFU single-account server?

Items bought from the shop as well as other gifts and compensation acquired before the start of preregistration for the Ogrest servers can't be retrieved on the single-account servers.

Experience potions, loot and harvesting obtained after the start of preregistration can't be retrieved when the Ogrest servers opens. They can be retrieved again from December 4, and not from December 2 as announced..


→ Will server transfer be available?

The server transfer service won't be available from/to Ogrest as it doesn't exist in the WAKFU game.

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Have fun on WAKFU and have a great adventure! 



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