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"This server is restricted to a specific player community, or to subscribed members. You cannot log on."

Error: "The server is unavailable. Unable to connect."

Error: "Connection to the server has been lost."


"This server is restricted to a specific player community, or to subscribed members. You cannot log on."

 If you're traveling in a foreign country (vacation, work, studies, etc.) and you're not subscribed to the game, you won't be able to access your account.

We invite you not to create a character on a server of a community to which you do not belong because they will be removed according to their level.

You'll have to make a request to Support in order to access the account from this new country.

With this request, you'll also have to send official proof of identity so as to avoid any risk of identity theft.


Error: "The server is unavailable. Unable to connect."

There are several possible reasons for this error message.

The login server is down for maintenance.

DOFUS has scheduled maintenance every Tuesday morning. The game servers are inaccessible during this brief period.

The login server is unexpectedly down.

In this case, please be patient. Our teams are working to get the server back online as quickly as possible.

You can check maintenance times and server status on the game forums, in the Server Status section. Game servers that are down will be listed as "Offline".

The application is being blocked by an antivirus program.

Make sure your antivirus program accepts the game and isn't recognizing it as malicious. To learn more, click [here] (link to the Antivirus Program article).

A misconfigured firewall-type security system.

Ports 80, 5555, and 443 must be unblocked.To find out more, refer to your firewall rules or simply disable the firewall.

Windows Firewall is enabled.

Be sure to disable it.

Something is interfering with your internet connection.

Make sure nothing is interfering with your internet connection, and that all your equipment (modem, router, etc.) is plugged in and configured.


Error: "Connection to the server has been lost."

This message indicates a temporary interruption of the connection between your computer and our servers.

There are several possible reasons:

  • You're using a Wifi connection and lost the signal, which can cause you to disconnect. In that case, it would be better to connect directly using Ethernet or PLC (Power Line Communication: Ethernet through electric cabling), especially if disconnections are frequent or if they make it impossible to connect.
  • Our connection server is receiving too many simultaneous connection attempts on one of the game connection ports (5555 or 443). You can try to change the connection port via the Options button located on the connection page of the game.
  • You've selected the "Quick Connection" option on the log-in screen, but your connection quality isn't high enough to allow use of this function. In this case, deselect the option and try again.

If the problem continues, you can contact Support.

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