Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Phishing


Phishing is a technique used by thieves to collect your account information (account name, email address, and password) and/or your personal information. (proof of identity)

It can take several forms: fake websites, fraudulent emails or Ankabox messages, in-game private messages, texts, etc.

If you believe you've been a victim of phishing

  • If a phone number is registered to your account, click this link to freeze your account right away.
  • Otherwise, change your password from your account management page,
  • and then contact Support.

  • If you've downloaded files that may be corrupted:
    • Perform an antivirus scan.
    • Perform an anti-spyware scan.
    • Perform an anti-rootkit scan.


How to protect yourself from phishing

Fake websites

  • Don't trust the website's appearance.
  • Never search for a website using keywords given by a player in the game.
  • Don't trust invalid links sent in the game. 
  • Make sure it's one of our official sites by visiting this page 
    Remember that logging in to our sites always goes through:  
  • Never download files related to our games from an unofficial website.
  • Most browsers have a filter to guard against phishing; leave this on: Google - Mozilla

Fraudulent emails

  • Don't trust emails offering gifts or threatening to ban your account.
    We will never email you about the threat of a ban.
  • Don't reply to emails asking for your account information.
    Support will always use the secure interface on the website: 
  • If you're unsure about an email, even if it looks official, you can check the email header to find out where it came from.
  • If you received a phishing email, let us know by using the phishing form on this page.
    Copy and paste the full email header into your request.

Ankabox and in-game moderators

  • Account names and usernames of official accounts will have brackets like these: [ ].
  • A moderator will never ask for your login ID or password in the game.
  • Official Ankabox messages are sent from this account: ankabox.png
  • Never accept a friend request from a supposedly official account.
    If you have to accept a friend request, it isn't an official account.


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