What is phishing ?

Account theft is primarily due to phishing.

Phishing is a technique used by thieves to get personal information about you in order to harm you. The technique consists of making the victim believe that they're on a trusted site in order to get them to enter their sensitive information. 

In this instance, that means dishonest individuals create pages that look like official Ankama sites but are not, in fact, ours. If you are unfortunate enough to come upon one of these sites, through a link in the game chat, for example, the thief will ask you to log in, which you, believing the site to be secure, will likely do. In reality, the username and password you entered were recovered by the thief, who can then access your account and rob you. 


How do I avoid falling victim to a phishing scheme?

The best protection is always prudence and caution.

Avoid clicking on links you find in the game chat or forum.

Whenever you come to a site through a link, verify the site's URL, which you can find in the address bar of your web browser. If the address you see seems strange or unusual to you, don't risk it: leave the page.

Most phishing sites have two noticeable discrepancies. They often have many typos or mistakes in the page layout. If the site consists of only a few webpages, or if it advertises seemingly impossible promises, chances are it's a trap. 

We'd like to remind you that Ankama offers two free protection systems to prevent the theft of your account even if the thief knows your login information. These systems are called Ankama Authenticator and Ankama Shield.

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