Are sites that sell kamas and items legal ?

No, sites that sell kamas and/or items are not legal.

By buying items over the internet, you risk being scammed into purchasing goods that will never be delivered. You also risk having your Ankama account stolen.

These are the same sites that are responsible for the thousands of bots that are disrupting play for other players. If you buy kamas and/or items on these sites, you are encouraging this harmful system, and you are not respecting the Terms of Use.

Plain and simple, you risk having all of your accounts definitively banned.


How do I purchase items or kamas legally?

Ankama offers a very advantageous way to buy and exchange with Ogrines. These offer players a lot of flexibility and allow you to buy subscriptions and also in-game objects, kamas, or other services. 

To buy Ogrines, you just need to go to the official DOFUS site.

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