[DOFUSTOUCH] Unable to buy from the Shop

"This service is currently unavailable. Do you want to retry?"

If you receive this error message while trying to use the Shop, it may be related to one of these two situations:


Case No. 1: You're buying from a store other than Apple or Google because Apple and Google aren't supported in your country.

For reasons beyond Ankama's control, in-app payment functions are not covered by Google Play or the App Store in your country.

Unfortunately, downloading the app through an alternative platform (like Aptoid) won't get around the restrictions imposed by Google Play and the App Store.


Case No. 2: You're using a device or connection that isn't compatible with the Shop.

To stop getting this error, please play DOFUS Touch under the following conditions:

  • Use a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that has not been unlocked.
  • Use a DOFUS Touch application downloaded from one of these official platforms: the App Store or Google Play (current version).
  • Use a stable internet connection without a proxy or VPN.
  • Use a current version of iOS or Android.


"Your purchase failed. Please try again in a few moments."

This error is likely due to limits on purchasing Goultines that currently apply to all Ankama accounts.


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