About Purchase Limits

To combat bank fraud, Ankama has been forced to put several limits on purchases. These limits are designed to make it harder for a few dishonest people to do harm while still preserving user comfort for our thousands of players.


General Purchase Limits

The frequency of your purchases may, in a few rare cases, draw the attention of our security filters. In this case, you merely need to wait 24 hours before attempting to make a payment again.

If you Ankama account security is insufficient or if your password need to be reset, you might encounter difficulties when making purchases.
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Limitations on ogrines

The limitations are as follows: 

  • You can only create a single sale of Kamas and/or Ogrines at the same time in the Kama Exchange
  • You cannot have more than 180,000 Ogrines in a single account
  • Ogrines from the Kama Exchange are linked and cannot be used again on the Exchange
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