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Ankama is releasing its new Krosmoz mobile app and introducing a new tab in the Ankama Launcher, both of which are for webtoons.



What is a webtoon?

This is a graphic novel format specially designed to be read on digital platforms; more than simply a digitized comic book page, a webtoon presents a tweaked version of the panels' spatial arrangement and of the narrative to make reading dynamic and user-friendly.

Split up in the form of episodes, the webtoons produced by Ankama move away from chapter-based episodes originally intended for paper format; an episode amounts to about 60 to 80 panels, or 4 to 5 minutes of reading.


What content?

First off, the app will be exclusively for webtoons and Ankama news. It will evolve over time to include VOD produced by Ankama, to start with.

The webtoon platform already features the first few episodes of iconic series: DOFUS Manga, WAKFU Manga, DOFUS Arena, Ogrest, DOFUS Monster, Julith and Jahash, Maskemane, Remington, Tango Mango, Pandala, and more.


Currently, the webtoons are only available in French. They will be translated in the next few months.



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