Report a Violation of the Rules of Good Conduct or Multi-Accounting

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Reminder of the Rules

How to Report a Violation 

Step 1: Display the information necessary for the report

Step 2: Take your screenshot

Step 3: Host or attach your screenshot


Reminder of the Rules

Case 1: Breaking the Rules of Good Conduct

The rules of good conduct that must be complied with are displayed on the game websites in the "Community" category. To go read them, please click on the link in your game:



Case 2: Multi-Accounting

Using multiple DOFUS or DOFUS Touch accounts is forbidden for one and the same person in certain fights:

  • DOFUS: in PvP Perceptor, prism and alliance fights, with more than one account.

Please note: Special rules apply to the heroic server. Find out more.

  • DOFUS Touch: in fights on Ascension Island or PvP Perceptor, prism, Kolossium, or Alliance vs Alliance, with more than two accounts.

This practice is not only forbidden, but also blocked technically by the game client.

This prohibition is intended to keep mono- and multi-account players on an equal footing during these PvP clashes, which require advance preparation. This also allows us to promote groups and guilds of players that are united and well organized.

Circumventing this multi-accounting block in these game modes, regardless of the method used (hardware or software), is, of course, absolutely forbidden.


How to Report a Violation 

To report behavior that is against the rules, you can take a screenshot and send it us.

For us to process a screenshot, it must comply with the conditions below, some of which are specific to each game.


Step 1: Display the information necessary for the report

  • Offending characters' information in the chat window, using one of these two methods:
    • Right-click each character (or their nickname), then select "Information >> Details".
    • Use the chat command /whois with each character's nickname.
  • The date and time in the chat window with the command /time (not DOFUS).
  • Unauthorized behavior and incriminating remarks.

You can, if need be, increase the size of the chat window – click on the "+" button visible at the top of the chat window. Don't forget to deactivate the filter for insulting words (in DOFUS and DOFUS Touch).

  • The accounts present in the fight for multi-accounting:
    • In DOFUS, you have to press the "P" key on the keyboard.
    • In DOFUS Touch, display the characters' names using the in-game feature. 
    • For Alliance vs Alliance, the corresponding interface icons must not be hidden and chat window needs to show "X attacks Y".


Step 2: Take your screenshot


Since version 2.29, you can use a feature to take a screenshot by pressing a single key!

By default, it's the "F2" key. Careful: Don't take a screenshot without the user interface (Shift+F2), otherwise the chat window won't be visible.

Once you've pressed the key, your screenshot will be saved to a file on your computer. If you want to change the save location, go to the options, then to the bottom of the "Features" tab.



It's the "F12" key.

Once you've pressed the key, your screenshot will be saved to a file on your computer.



The screenshot can be taken straight from your phone (see your phone user guide).


Please do not:

  • modify or add content to your image.
    For example, you must not hide any of the chat window text using white rectangles or add parts of other screenshots.
  • resize or truncate the image.


Step 3: Host or attach your screenshot


Once the screenshot has been saved, the best thing to do is to host it on Ankama's servers. To do this, click on the link and select the option Share.

The image is then hosted on the DOFUS website, and you can copy the link in the window that opens in the game:

Then, you just need to provide this link in your Support ticket.

If you can't use the hosting feature from the game, you can attach your screenshot directly as an attachment in your Support ticket.



You can attach your screenshot directly as an attachment in your request on the Support website.



Once your report has been received by the Support team, they will apply the appropriate sanctions if the reported behavior warrants it.

However, please note that the Support team will not get back to you to inform you of the decision whether or not to sanction the player(s), nor will any sanctions applied be specified.

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