Create an account via Google

You have the option to log in to the Launcher and our games by logging in through Facebook. 


How do I log in with a Google account? 

First go to the Launcher login interface, and then simply click on the Google icon here: 

You'll then be redirected to the Google login interface. 


1) Log in to your Google account.

If you're logging in with this Google account for the first time, the following pop-up will appear. 

You then get the option to: 

  • create a Google account
  • stop this login process and log in with your Ankama account

2). Click the button that says "Create an account".


3) Make sure you entered the right email address and hit "Continue".
The address will be linked to the account and will allow you to verify it.

Your account is almost created! 


4) Create an account nickname. 


"Waiting to log in with Google"

Logging in with your Facebook account was not completed. 
Please finish creating your account, or start the process over by clicking on "Back".


Remove the Google login with the Ankama app 

To remove the Google login with the app (for example, to create a new account), visit your Google account page.

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