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What is a certified account?

Why certify your account?

How can you certify your account?

Error: "You cannot certify this account"


What is a certified account?

An account is certified when the following information is saved and confirmed:

  • your personal information (first and last names, date of birth),
  • a secret question and answer.

This information must be accurate. It is personal and confidential. 

Stay vigilant and don't give them to anyone!


Why certify your account?

Certifying your account lets you:

  • protect yourself from identity theft (a practice used to steal accounts),
  • gain access to our promotions,
  • recover or delete your account,
  • protect yourself using one of our solutions – Ankama Authenticator or Ankama Shield,


If you encounter a problem and you need to contact us, Support will be able to help you only if the account in question is in your name. You will be asked to provide a copy (scan or photo) of your proof of identity.

This condition is essential to guarantee the security of your account.

As a reminder: purchasing, selling, gifting, loaning, and sharing Ankama accounts are strictly forbidden by our Terms of Use. Only the account creator is considered the account holder, and they alone will be able to request help from Support.


How can you certify your account?

Go to your account management page by clicking [here].


Error: "You cannot certify this account"

Certain discrepancies on your account will prevent you from certifying it :

  • you are logged in from an unusual country (travel, vacation, etc.).
  • your latest logins suggest your account has been stolen.
  • you are using an account you did not create.

Please contact Support to resolve the situation.

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