What is a guest account?

Guest accounts are temporary accounts that can be used by players who don't want to create an account with Ankama.

This "guest" mode is available for DOFUS Touch, Krosmaga, and WAVEN.


How do I choose guest mode? 

If you want to play WAVEN with a guest account, log in to Ankama Launcher by clicking the button that says "Guest entry":   

If you want to play DOFUS Touch with a guest account, log in to the game by clicking directly on the button that says "PLAY".


I lost my guest account; what should I do?

If you've lost your guest account, Support unfortunately won't be able to help you. 
Please either create a new guest account or directly create an Ankama account to keep this from happening again!


Why convert my guest account? 

Are you impressed with the game?

Ankama suggests converting your guest account to an Ankama account so you can: 

  • recover your account through a Support request
  • gain access to our login help services (via email or text message)
  • make purchases in DOFUS Touch and WAVEN
  • recover your progress in WAVEN if you play on mobile and PC at once
  • trade items in DOFUS Touch

How do you convert a guest account to an Ankama account? 

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