Access My Server From Abroad

Restricted access to certain community servers was put in place to better guide players depending on the country they're connecting from.

Also, thousands of players who don't speak that language and who exploit the game to illegal ends (farming, for example) connect each day from Asian countries.

We've decided to more rigorously manage connections from these countries as part of our efforts to combat illegal farming.


"This server is restricted to a specific player community, or to subscribed members. You cannot log on."


If you're traveling in a foreign country (vacation, work, studies, etc.) and you're not subscribed to the game, you won't be able to access your account.

We invite you not to create a character on a server of a community to which you do not belong because they will be removed according to their level.

You'll have to make a request to Support in order to access the account from this new country.

With this request, you'll also have to send official proof of identity so as to avoid any risk of identity theft.

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