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Case No. 1: Unable to log in to your account

Maybe you took a break from playing, you're tired, or you're just blanking, and now your password escapes you… Well, not to worry – there are a few solutions!


Option 1: Change your password via text message

Free, fast, and available in most countries!

You entered your cellphone number on your account; you can use our service to change your password via text message.

The following information will be requested:

- Login (Account name or email address),

- linked cellphone number.



Option 2: Change your password via email

All you have to do is use our service to change your password via email.

IMPORTANT: If you already linked a cellphone number to your account, you cannot recover your account via email. This is simply for security purposes.

Necessary information:

- Login (Account name or email address)




Case No. 2: You are logged in to your account

Once you're in your account management, in the "Account > Information" section, click "Change" on the "Password" line.

For security reasons, you must enter your current password to change it. Players who added a secret question/answer to their account must also enter it.

All you need to do now is enter a new secure password.

Please choose a password that's difficult to guess, and most of all, don't give it to anyone!


Case No. 3: You cannot change your password

If you cannot change your password via text message or email, don't worry – all is not lost! Contact Support, who will be happy to help you.

Please note that our service will respond to you within 24–48 hours.

So we can identify you, please attach a copy (scan or photo) of an official proof of identity to your request with as much information as possible (nickname, characters' names and classes, email address used to create the account, etc.).

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