Why is it so important to enter your identification details correctly?

Your identity is represented by the “First name”, “Last name” and “Date of birth” fields. These constitute your most important account details.

If you encounter ant problems and you need to contact us, Ankama Support can only help you if the account concerned is genuinely in your name. You will be asked to supply a copy (a scan or a photo) of a proof of identity. This condition is in fact essential in ensuring your account security. As you can imagine, we cannot allow any player access to an account if we aren’t completely certain that the account belongs to them.  


This is one of the reasons the buying, selling, gifting, loaning, exchanging and sharing of Ankama accounts is strictly prohibited by our General Terms and Conditions of Use. Only the account’s creator is considered to be the true owner of the account and they alone can request help from Support.

Please don’t take the certification of your Ankama account lightly. It is very important that you enter the correct information because you will never again be able to edit it from then on.

If you are the genuine owner of an account but you didn’t fill out the details of your identity correctly for the latter, Support is (sometimes) able to help you change it. This procedure only takes place in exceptional circumstances and depends on a great many factors. Even if you have given an explanation or details that seem sufficient to you, there is no guarantee that Support’s response will be favorable.

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