Create a secure password

The login and password are the two things that allow you to connect to our games and websites. It is crucial that they remain confidential.

Nealry 90% of passwords used by Internet users are not secure enough and are easily cracked in a few minutes. Follow our guide to increase the security of your account.

The longer and more complex your password is, the harder is will be to find for people and machines. You can test the complexity of a password similar to yours on some trustworthy sites (don't use exactly the same one by precaution).

To ensure your password is secure, please do the following:

  • Use at least 10 characters
  • Choose several types of characters: capital letters (A, D, T, etc.), lower-case letters (y, p, i, etc.), numerals (4, 9, 6, etc.) and symbols (@, !, #, etc.)
  • It is imperative that an Ankama password is different to the password you use for your email account
  • Whenever possible, use a different password on other websites and games
  • Do not use personal information (a last name, first name, username, date, etc.)
  • Do not use (even partially) a word from the dictionary (in any language)
  • Do not write down your password on a physical or digital medium
  • Regularly change your password (roughly every 6 months)

If you are worried you might forget your password, remember that you can always recover your password using your email address or mobile phone.



Use a password manager (ADVANCED)

Anyone can remember a password, but remembering twenty passwords can become a real headache.

Luckily, there are password management applications now!

A password manager is a computer program or online service that allows the user to keep  keep all of your usernames and passwords in an database that is easily accessible using a single password. You only have to remember one password.

There are several solutions on the market. We have listed a few of the most well-known below:

While these tools can make life easier, they also require a certain level of computer skills and an understanding of the Internet to be used correctly.

NOTE: Please note that these software programs are given for information only. They do not belong to Ankama and we cannot be held responsible if you experience any difficulties with them.

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