What prohibited behaviors should be reported to Support?

Do you want to report a player for violating the rules? 

Support handles reports dealing with the following rule violations:  

  • multi-accounts in PvP and/or on the single-account servers.
  • insults and racist, xenophobic, or homophobic remarks 
  • in-game harassment. 
  • unauthorized trading (of kamas, subscriptions, accounts, and guilds, as well as inter-server trade) 
  • promoting fraudulent websites (phishing, private servers, unauthorized trading, bot use, and pornography). 
  •  inappropriate names (for a character, account, guild, or alliance) 
  • identity theft.  
  •  flaw or bug exploits 

To submit a report, please review the article "How to report a violation" and then fill out this form


Support does not handle reports dealing with rule violations such as :  

  • player scams (trades, marketplace,etc.),
  • discounted trade,
  • blocking (of NPCs, quests, combat,etc.),
  • Non-compliance with Kolizeum combat rules,
  • misuse of merchant mode,
  • the use of in-game action automation tools (bots and auto clickers, in particular). 

This list of violations monitored and sanctioned by in-game actions is not exhaustive. Please refer to the Terms of Use and the rules of conduct, both available on the official website for the DOFUS/DOFUS Retro games.


To learn more about in-game scams, click here.

To learn more about moderation, click here.

To report the Use of Bots/Auto-Clickers, click here.

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