[DOFUSTOUCH] Receive my purchase

I was charged for a Google Play or App Store purchase but never received the item.

You'll need to contact our support team and send a copy of the Apple or Google receipt for payment.

The document should include these details: date, time, item, total, and Google/Apple order numbers.


After making a purchase in the Marketplace, my Goultines were deducted but I didn't receive anything.

When a purchase made with Goultines in the Marketplace is unsuccessful, the Goultines are returned in the form of kamas, immediately after another purchase made with Goultines in the Marketplace goes through.

  • Since experiencing this problem, I haven't made another similar purchase: Contact our support team and be sure to provide as much information as possible.*
  • Since experiencing this problem, I made another purchase using Goultines in the Marketplace, and this time it worked: Please check your inventory and bank safe, and look for an amount equal to your loss (in kamas).

    If the issue continues or you notice a discrepancy, please contact Support and provide as many details as you can.*
    (*This should include the irregularity noticed, name(s) of the item(s), purchase date and time, amount of Goultines lost and not recovered in kamas, and game server).
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