Twitch drops

Twitch Drops are rewards that you can claim by watching an Ankama partner's channel or an official Twitch channel. You can collect them in-game through your Ankama account.


How to Claim Twitch Drops


  1. Log in to your Twitch account.
  2. Go to your profile Twitch_profil.pngand click Twitch_drops.png
  3. In the "All Campaigns" tab, click Ankama's stream or one of its partner's streams.
  4. Earn drops on Twitch by watching 100% of the required time on an Ankama partner streamer's channel or an official channel.
  5. Collect your drops
    • by clicking "Claim" in the bar that appears once you have reached 100% of the required time:


It couldn't be easier!

Please note:

  • To receive your reward, do not mute the Twitch livestream.
  • Your rewards will appear on the Ankama account linked to your Twitch account.


Link Your Accounts

To receive your Twitch Drops in-game, you must have a Twitch account and an Ankama account. When you link them, your rewards can easily move between both accounts.

You can link both your accounts before or after collecting your drops on Twitch.

To do this, simply:

  1. Visit: and log in to your Ankama account (or log in to your account before visiting the page).Account_twitch.png
  2. Then click: "Link My Twitch Account" to link both accounts.

You just need to do it once!


Unlinking a Twitch Account

To unlink your Twitch account from your Ankama account, go to your account management site here:, then click the button labeled "


How to Collect Your Twitch Drops in an Ankama Game


To claim your rewards earned through all Ankama's streams and its partners' streams that you watched, visit:

  • Click "Unlock". d_bloquersans_pseudo_visbile_EN.png
  • Then click "See My Rewards".mes_r_compenses_EN.png
  • Lastly, click "Get Gift". r_cup_rer_mes_cadeaux_EN.png

Your rewards will then be available in the gift areas of any games for which you earned Twitch Drops.

The various Ankama gift areas:

DOFUS gift area:

WAKFU gift area:

DOFUS Touch: gift area :



Then you just have to enjoy your loot!


Claim your Twitch Drops from the Ankama Launcher 

Go to your profile on the Ankama Launcher, then select the section called "CODES & GIFTS".
Your pending Twitch Drops will appear here: 



If your Twitch Drops don't appear, it means they haven't been received on the account. 


I never got my rewards

If it looks like you received none, or only some, of your rewards, you have 30 days from the last day of the relevant Twitch campaign to contact Support. After that, Support won't be able to fulfill your request.

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